Yesterdays Heroes

18 December 2015

Peter "Snake" Pearson visited some heros from yesteryear for a reunion bbq. Snake managed to steal the cup from John Raffles vice like grip and shared it with the old legends of the snakepit.

By all reports the boys were feeling very young by late in the afternoon, and contemplating a comeback !!
The club continues to urge past players from every era to reconnect with the club and come along for what will be another exciting year in 2016.


Back Row. Dennis “Macca” McArdle, Peter “Snake” Pearson, Paul “Junior” Kennedy, Bill “The Hun” Schwarzenberg, William “Hun No 2” Schwarzenberg Jnr,

Second Row. Paul “Dino” Daffey, Mick “Snazza” Ianazzo, Geoff “Twinkletoes” Underwood,

Front Row. Brian “Weasel”.



Regards Snake No 35

The Committee