Warriors back to the future

30 April 2013

Miracle Mel Beyers Warriors turned back the clock on Saturday when they unleashed their new gold shorts on Monash.

Not seen since the 80’s the gold nicks dazzled their opponents as the Warriors celebrated the new strip with a thumping 123 point victory!
When the ‘Big Man of Amateur Football’ Andrew Gurrisi leapt into the first ruck contest the Monash midfield looked up in awe and for a moment thought they were running up sand dunes.
The ‘Canary Golds’ are undefeated as are Miracle’s Hordes who have now chalked up a 3-0 start to the season and shot to the top of the table!
A big test next week against highly fancied De La but we reckon the shock value of the glistening shorts are worth three and will load up on the line bet at 17 points!

Paul Garth