Training resumes Feb 3 and Anglesea Camp Feb 15

22 January 2014

We hope everyone had a good,safe and enjoyable new year break. Many players are regularly visiting the club gym and following the summer training program as per earlier website story.

Official training resumes monday feb 3rd for seniors & academy with a club BBQ on that night for all involved and any supporters that would like to drop in.
Very important that all players intending to play in 2014 get to training, to work with our excellent new coaching panel lead by Anthony Rock. Sessions will include briefing on game plans, tactics and expectations, so get down to training and get switched on to our new 2014 football plans.
Training Camp is again at beautiful Anglesea weekend of Feb 15th, this year it is sponsored by the "Diamond Dogs" coterie group, thanks very much to Vinnie McGuire and the DD's .As a result players get a 50% discount, and only pay $50 for three meals and o/nite accomodation at the modern facilities. Players to register with John Raffle at training so all logisitics can be organized. Transport is by private car so car pool with your mates, other specific details to be advised.
A 2014 calendar of all events, practise matches and games to be released by feb 3rd, so stay tuned.
We hope everyone has a fun Australia Day weekend with family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you all at the Snakepit this year.

The Committee