Tour de Cup

15 October 2015

Over the last three weeks the club has taken the Premiership Cup for a "Tour De Cup" , to visit and thank our major sponsors and partners.

After over a dozen visits, the club has had some very positive feedback and all delighted to see the cup and share a photo.
Of course our closest long term partner is St Bernards College itself . For everyone of the clubs 53 years of existence the College has provided tremendous support with facilities and working closely together on many programs and projects.
The "Tour De Cup" rightly concluded with the final and most important visit to the College. As pictured Principal Tony Paatsch (a former star vafa player and premiership coach) with Facilities manager Glenn Walsh, had a good grip on the cup in the adminsitration building. Following that we popped down to see the hard working and always helpful groundsmen, Brett Huxtable and Loki Robertson, who have the difficult job of juggling 1,400 students and multiple sporting clubs on just two ovals.
Thanks to the players and volunteers who participated in the "Tour De Cup" , thanks to all of our sponsors and partners and a special thanks to the College, the Premiership was truly a result of everyones contribution, and the club simply could not have done it without all of you playing your role ! 

The Committe