Tom Sullivan wins U19 400m race easily

07 February 2012

Tom Sullivan won his third "players race" at yesterday's St. Bernard's Bendigo Bank Gift, easily accounting for the field in the handicap 400m event.

An immediate stewards inquiry was called and the race handicapper, club football director Craig Connelly, was immediately sacked!!

All joking aside, it was an impressive effort from young Tom, who had ankle surgery on his left ankle in late November. Despite the generous 45m handicap Tom was provided by the former race handicapper, Tom proved his ankle and fitness level were both in top shape, easily shading an impressive Jake van Meel (second) and then Simon Caven (third) and Charlie Connelly (fourth), who both managed to make some ground up on Tom, despite giving him a 15m start. The large start that our two backmarkers, Michael Sulzberger and Liam McIntyre, gave the field proved too much for these fine young athletes. Jack Wheeler faded a fraction in the final 100 metres after an impressive early effort in this classy field.

It is great that these seven young men continued the tradition of racing to represent the football club on this important day, the annual St. Bernard's Bendigo Bank Gift.

Jake van Meel, as the highest placed player without a player sponsor for season 2012, was awarded the player sponsorship generously donated by Jetstream Drain Cleaning, for his great effort to finish second to Tom.

We wish all these boys the best as they continue their preparations for the 2012 season.

Patrick Crabb