Three Bernards boys in marathon

04 October 2013

Gerry Christie is running in the Melbourne Marathon on Oct 13, he hopes to raise some cash for charity and would appreciate any assistance from the Bernards faithful.

Gerry says, “This is my first ever marathon so I’m hoping my legs don’t fall off at the 35km mark! .. I thought this would be a great opportunity to raise some much needed money for charity. I will be running for the Caroline Chisholm Society, a Melbourne based charity that does outstanding work with pregnant mothers and young families in need. I am hoping that I can raise as much money as possible in the next two weeks, so anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated”

To donate is easy, click on the links below and enter in how much you would like to contribute.

Two other Bernards boys are also running in the Marathon and like Gerry, James Flannery and Dane Evans have been pounding out the miles in prep for the big event. For Gerry and Flanners it’s their first Marathon but Dane has run a couple in between starring for Macau Lightning.


Good luck to all three .. we’ll have a cold beer afterwards!

Paul Garth