The perfect gift for Christmas

14 December 2013

The club is delighted to answer that age old questions... what special gift can i give this christmas ?

what special gift can give hours of enjoyment and memories? 
Yes we have the answer, a truly professional and award nominated publication, bursting with facts,figures,history and colourful stories of characters and fun.
with over 350 pages and 700 ilustrations its a must for every household ! 
"FOREVER STRONG" the Matt Mulkearns/Sophie Arnold edited local best seller, whose stories and pictures literally leap off the page !
Its a steal at just $50 for one, or better still just $100 for two +  as a special offer we will now do free home delivery, yes free home delivery !
so buy online and simply text or call 0438 549 691 and it will be delivered to your door step
otherwise, pop down to the snakepit any monday/wed/friday and see club administrator John Raffle
so get your copy now for that someone special in your life, before they sell out !

The book that celebrates 50 years Available Now

Book Cost is $49.95 plus 15.00 postage and handling (Total $64.95)


Order your copy by calling emailing Eleanor Currie on 0411 802 827 or email Eleanor at and she will handle everything from there.



Deposit $64.95 directly into our account at Bendigo Bank and reference your name and contact number.

 Account details are:

Account Name: St Bernards Anniversary Book

BSB: 633000

Account Number: 147003115

Merry Christmas one and all.

Patrick Crabb