The Force is With Us

01 December 2014

Old Collegian and past player Tim Tickner is one of the principals at "Future Force" Training and Recruitment.

Tim who is also a member of the Vinnie McGuire chaired Diamond Dogs Coterie Group and a player sponsor. This week Tim has re-committed to the club for his company to be a Gold Sponsor in 2015 and likewise continue his other support. In recent years Tim has done high quality presentations to our Under 19 playing group, many of who are seeking career advice and options. Tim has also assisted senior players in securing employment as part of our clubs "Jobs Netwok". Future Force's financial contribution is targeted towards our u/19 playing group , through provision of football equipment as well as expert fitness and medical support. For those not familar with Tim's business please touch on his website and/or read on. 
Welcome to Future Force, a Melbourne-based Registered Training Organisation and Recruitment company.
Fully Australian-owned, we are staffed by people with extensive backgrounds in Aviation, International Trade and Logistics, Import Procurement, Retail and Wholesale Freight Forwarding, Recruitment, Training and Education, Accounting and Business Management.
Our primary focus is International Trade and Logistics and Domestic Forwarding, where our people have been the market leaders in attracting quality candidates to the industry and then mentoring, training and qualifying these people. We provide the foundation for successful long-term careers and in so doing, ensure that the industry has a constant inflow of quality staff. The industry needs this quality staff inflow to provide certainty in a very competitive Global Market.
Future Force recruits and trains quality people in Operations, Office Administration, Warehousing, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and at Executive levels. Our most satisfying work is attracting and developing recent migrants and Year 12 graduates into the industry and providing on-going mentoring and further education over a period of years. We also have an excellent record in providing career pathways for graduates in Business and International Trade qualifications.
Future Force is outcome-driven in all of its endeavours. Our motto is:
Outcome First – Income Follows
We would like to thank Tim for his on-going mentoring and financial support via club and player sponsorship and the Diamond Dogs. We also encourage anyone in the club community with a business they would like to promote through our extensive network (sms & twitter =450, facebook =1,300, webiste = 9,000/hits mth) to get in touch and/or would be interested in joining the Diamond Dogs and/or sponsoring a player, please contact the club asap. 
2015 starts now and like Tim and Future Force, we would like more people and companies to get onboard ! 

The Committee