Teams of the 60s and 70s announced

19 April 2013

As St Bernards Old Collegians Football Club builds towards the announcement of the Team of the Half Century on June 1st, it has announced the a team of the decade for 1963 –1972 and 1973 – 1982.

St Bernards  FC was established in 1963 and today fields all its senior teams in the premier section of the VAFA. As part of a year of ongoing celebrations the Club has scheduled a series of events over the course of the football season to commemorate its 50th Anniversary. The highlight will a Gala Ball held in the Docklands on June 1st where it will announce its Team of the Half Century.

The Teams of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s feature names synonymous with Amateur Football.  

The team of the 1960’s is captained by the inaugural captain of the St Bernards OCFC, Geoffrey Tobin. It features other household Amateur names Perrett,  Mitchell, Overman and Mahoney.

The team of the 1970’s features several names that made Victorian and All Australian selection and feature include Greg Wade, Peter Aughton and Anthony O’ Brien.  VAFA Legend  Greg Wade has been named Captain of that Team .

Teams are as follows

                St Bernard OCFC Team of Decade                             St Bernard OCFC Team of Decade

                                1963 –’72                                                                                             1972 – ‘82

Backs     P. Collins    P.Daffey     R.Hancox                                                Backs     T. Davis                    R King         M.Ginnivan

Half Backs T. Hanneberry    B.Mahoney M.Ginnivan        H. Backs P.Aughton        P. Rackham      J.Doolan 

Centres                   G. Tobin            C. Overman        J Perrett               Centres B.Angel                               D. Burgin              M. Drennan 

Half Fwds  M. Iannazzo M.Mahoney       D.Collins               Half Fwrd H. Nadzielski M. Mahoney      M. Iannazzo

Fwrds    G.Mitchell           J. Sharkey            M.Perrett            Fwds     G. Mitchell          P. Thompson     A. O’Brien 

Rucks    F. McCartney     G. Amott             D. Burgin              Rucks    P.Smith                                G. Wade              K. Phelan

I/Change J Crennan, J, Harvey, G, Foley, J Ryan,                                I/Change G. Mahoney, W. Schwarzenberg, P. Hogan     

D. Kearney and L McCarthey                                                                       F. Sullivan, P. Dalmau and D.Santamaria

Coach: Jack Kent                                                                              Coach: Gus Mitchell

Assist Coach: Rex Doran                                                               Assist Coach: Michael Mahoney


Bookings for the Gala Ball can be made by contacting or contacting Michelle Denahy -

Patrick Crab