Teams of Decade 80's and 90's

30 April 2013

As St Bernards Old Collegians Football Club continues to build towards the announcement of the Team of the Half Century.

 As St Bernards Old Collegians Football Club continues to build towards the announcement of the Team of the Half Century, at its Gala Ball to be held at Docklands on June 1st, the Club announced its teams for the decades for the period  1983 – 1992 and 1993 – 2002.

In front of a packed lunch at the home game against Beaumaris last weekend, St Bernards President, Patrick Crabb and former AFL Chairman and league legend,  Dr Allen Aylett lead the announcement of the two teams. 

Both teams feature names synonymous with VAFA football.  Notable stars from the 80’s and ‘90’s to feature in both teams include Luke and Jason Gollant, Wayne Carey,  Jack Overman and Vin Comito. All Australian amateur players include Tim Harvey and Ben Jordan.

The team of the 1980’s is captained by legendary leader of the St Bernards, Gary McAllister and Luke Gollant is captain of the 1990’s Team of the Decade.

Teams are as follows

                St Bernard OCFC Team of Decade                            

                                1983 –’92                                                                                            

Backs     M. Sullivan          K. Mahady          A. Purcell            

Half Backs J. Overman   M.O’Dea (VC)    F. Dunell             

Centres                   R. Purcell          S. Melican           S. Walsh              

Half Fwds  G.Wood         J. Gollant             J. Federico         

Fwrds    M. Mulkearns (DVC) L.Gollant    J. Pearson          

Rucks    W. Carey              G. McAllister (Cpt) V.Comito      

I/Change J.O’Connell,  V.McGuire, P. Hogan,                     

A. Nathan, D.Sulllivan and F. Monaghan                                 

Coach: Paul Daffey                                                                         

Assist Coach: Frank Dunell                                                          


                St Bernard OCFC Team of Decade

                                1993 – ‘2002

Backs     J. Mount                S. Perrett      B. Loughlin

H. Backs J. Overman      T. Wilkinson     Adam Merrington 

Centres  D. Byrne             L. Gollant (Cpt)  C. Calthorpe 

Half Fwrd  N.Mitchell (VC) J. Gollant       T. Harvey

Fwds     A. Comito            L. Vassallo      Andrew Merrington

Rucks    W. Carey              B. Jordan             V.Comito (DVC) 

I/Change P. Gilmour, S. Taylor, S. McKeon

S.Byrne, A.Thomas and B  Hogan

Coach: Garry Foulds

Assist Coach: Shane Zantuck


Bookings for the Gala Ball can be made by contacting or contacting Kate Horne   on 0410 516 412  

Matthew Mulkearns