Team of the Half Century selection

19 April 2013

As one of the ways to celebrate our 50 year anniversary and honour our great players over the 50 years, it was decided to: Name a team of the half century and name a team of each decade.


In deciding the various teams there has been a lot of planning, research and discussion. The first task was to assemble a team of the Half Centruy selection panel. The members of this panel are:

-          John Hughes  (Chair/Coordinator)

-          Micherl Perrett

-          Michael Ianazzo

-          Ray King

-          Terry Davis


This group has a combined total of 220 years of continuous involvement at St Bernards.

Each panel member chaired a selection committee for each decade. These selection committees were:

First Decade:      1963 – 1972 -      Michael Perrett (Chair), Gary Amott, Geoff Tobin, Ron Hancox,

                              Rex Doran.

Second Decade:1973 – 1982 -      Michael Ianazzo (Chair), Ray King, John Harvey, Terry Davis.

Third Decade:    1983 – 1992 -      Ray King (Chair), Paul Daffey, Peter O’Dea, Greig Wood,

                                                           Frank Dunell            

Fourth Decade:1993 – 2002 -        Terry Davis (Chair), Gary Foulds, Steve Perrett, Luke Gollant,

                Neil Loughlin.

Fifth Decade:     2003 – 2013 -       John Hughes (Chair), Simon Madden, Nick Mitchell, Ben Hogan.



As an aid to each selection panel, the following criteria was used as a guide.

-          Minimum 30 senior games.

-          Achievements recognised.

·         Number of Senior Games

·         Senior Premiership Team Membership

·         Senior Best & Fairest

·         All Australian Representation

·         VAFA Senior Representation

·         VAFA Senior Competition Best & Fairest

·         VAFA Senior Leading Goal Kicker.


-          Weighting to A Grade achievements.

-          Recognition of First Decade/Pioneer Contributions.


A thank you to Matt Mulkearns who assisted in this work.



The teams of each decade are announced at each of the lead up home luncheons until our 50 year Celebratory Ball.


One of the highlights of the 50 year Celebratory Ball will be the announcement of the Team of the Half Century.

John Hughes