Step Back Think

29 January 2013

This Friday night 1st February at 6pm at the clubrooms, David Mitchell (past player) will give a presentation.

David Mitchell (past player) will give a presentation to the Football Academy, and all those interested, on his experience with street violence and his road to recovery.David is a committee member of Step Back Think.

Step Back Think was formed in the wake of the horrific injuries sustained by James Macready-Bryan in 2006. James was assaulted in the CBD on his 20th birthday on October 13th, 2006. A single punch knocked MB to the ground where his head smashed against the pavement, resulting in catastrophic brain damage from which he will never recover.

Step Back Think seeks to eradicate street violence. A single punch thrown in the heat of the moment can end the life of your brother or sister or friend and tear your world apart. Step Back Think wants to encourage young people to think more about their actions and their consequences. We’re urging people to look out for their friends – guys and girls - because one punch can change countless lives forever.

Shane Denahy