St Bernards FC wins Umpires award

26 August 2015

The VAFA Umpires Association held their annual awards dinner on monday night.

It was a very classy and positive event held in the prestigious MCC Members Dining room. A number of clubs including St Bernardsfc were invited to attend and support this very important organisation within the VAFA.
St Bernards FC have been very active in recent years with our behavioural campaign "A Grade on and of the Field" . This includes a very clear message about showing both rival players and umpires the respect they deserve. We were delighted on monday night to be recognised with a special award umpires award.
The quality assurance award for provision and support of umpires was awarded to St Bernadsfc, the Vafaua consider that this season our club made the umpires most welcome and comfortable, and provided any assistance that was required. 
St Bernards FC is proud to receive this award, the club feels making umpires welcome and treating them with respect is a very important part of being an " A grade club on and off the field". We would like to thank st bernardsfc players, coaches, volunteers and supporters for the very fair way you have treated all umpires, and we look forward to this continuing in this years finals and for many years to come.

The Committee