Snakepit comes to life

07 February 2015

Monday kicked off the resumption of preseason training.

The football academy started the ball rolling with 75 youngsters aged 15 to 18 blasting through fitness and skills sessions under the expert eye of both football and exercise coaches. Former australian boxing champion Glen Walsh had groups on rotation doing intense sets of glove/mitt work. Dim Doolan co-ordinated the running and core strength work, while coaches Iannello/Sholl/Wood/Vahland/Doody focussed on football skills and set plays. 
This professionally and creatively managed academy is supervised by Peter Holland and Shane Denahy, who have yet again enhanced the clubs signature football development program.
Seniors started warming up at 5.45 for their 6.15pm start with over 50 players on deck. As per the Academy, players in groups rotated through multiple activities with early focus on running and core strength. Coaches Rock/O'Connor/Barham/Campbell made it clear hard work is not negotiable, and the players were pushed through a challenging and educational session. 
Monday nights will remain a key session with all players attending the one venue, with wednesday and friday sessions at alternative sites as the club keeps the long preseason program new and exciting. We urge all players yet to attend to contact either Anthony Rock or Craig Connelly to discuss your plans for 2015. To build on what was a very strong 2014, the club needs everyone onboard and involved. All players should continue to monitor club football dept facebook for information and updates.
As per club captain Tom Caven call this week, "we need players committed from day one, because the Bernies are back !!"

The Committee