Senior Players Register NOW !

01 February 2016

Seniors Players Register NOW

PLAYER REGISTRATIONS (info and link also on footy dept facebook)

Registrations for this season are now open and need to be completed by ALL PLAYERS before they can take to the field in 2016.

The process is different to previous years, with players to login to footyweb via entering the email which YOU elected to use for your player data record. This will remove the confusing computer generated username and password which has previously been in place.


All 2015 members will have received an email inviting you to set the email you wish to use to access your data record for all changes and registrations on Footyweb. If the system does not recognise your email, contact me on this post or via email (, and I can simply look up your profile on footyweb and ensure you are using the right email address.

Please find below a link to an email login tutorial video that will guide you in completing this process. 

1. Re-registering for the first time using email login (system can not find your email address, contact your club to change email address)...|By Kate Picking

James Delzoppo