Round 10 sides Thirds and Warriors

29 June 2012

Thirds and Warriors Squads for Sat 29th June

 Thirds Away vs Trinity

Start 11.40am 
Any issues call Mona 0411 881 156

Baird L
Breheney G
Byrne M
Carrick T
Couch J
Daniele J
Evans J
Flannery J
Godfrey C
Hellard J
Holland P
Kavanagh M 
Kendjer T
Monaghan J
Neal Lachie
Neal Liam
O\\\'Connor D
Smith N
Trim M


Warriors Home vs Trinity

Start 9.20am 
Any issues call Mel 0412 247 486

Blunt D
Burnside D
Devery J
Faulkner J
Gurissi A
Hogan B
Indomenico J
Janides D
Lawler S
Liberatore C
McVeigh M
Mitchell C
O'Dea A
OKeefe C
Smith M
Stapleton M
Timony A
Toy N
Villani P
Walsh C

Luke Baird