Round 5 - Match Reports - Senior Trifecta

10 May 2016

Seniors teams rack up a home ground Trifecta

Match Report Seniors Round 5 Vs Old Carey Grammarians @ Home.

Thanks to Matt O”Connor
St Bernards FC 22.13.145 vs Carey 11.6.72.
Goal Kickers: N. Cooke 5, C. Peart 4, T. Sullivan 2, N. Kazuro 2, A. Bentick 2, G. Zoccali 2, A. Singleton 2, C. Vague, J. Schroder, Z. O''Halloran
Best Players: T. Sullivan, M. Angel, C. Peart, N. Kazuro, N. Cooke, J. Bennie

After consistent and steady improvement over the first 4 games, the effort we were looking for was about minimizing periods of “bad footy” and really making the most out of the periods of good footy.

Fielding a side that has a really good mix of youth and experience, we were fairly confident that we would be able to “get it done” and give ourselves a positive result.

The game was played in very good spirits and at a fair intensity, and the mid field and forwards were working really well with solid defensive efforts keeping old Carey to a solitary goal. Some of our transition footy was really pleasing to watch especially the areas we’ve been working on. It was great to see that the young players were able to carry out the coach’s instructions.
The second quarter saw Bernard’s kick with the breeze and the game really opened up with a 9 goal to 1 effort the game was nearly over at half time.
To the credit of Old Carey they don’t give up or give in and the second half was a much more even affair with both sides kicking 9 more goals each to end the game at the same margin as half time.

Again our younger players really showed their worth with either a strong forward presence in the air and on the ground or solid defensive efforts or a hard at it approach when in the mid field. 
Our best players were again our experienced heads, who were consistently there through out the entire game.

I would also like to acknowledge the president of Old Carey Grammarians – who despite a loss came in and spoke to the playing group after the match and really demonstrated the type of community spirit and sportsmanship that we value in VAFA footy…

Our next 2 weeks are away at University… We will beat Blues at their ground like we did last year and then back up the week later to play and beat Blacks.

Every player must be ensuring that they are doing their recovery and extra sessions
Every player must be doing their best to get to training on time and especially for the meetings/reviews.
Finally it is with great relief that the “Owen” jokes have stopped… How ever we are now being called “Juan” … Let’s fix that this week with a huge crowd and another good win away at Uni Blues !!

Reserves Report: 
thanks to Gary 
Gary McIntyre
St Bernards FC 17.12.114 vs Carey 7.8.50
Goals D. Colaco 5, K. Daly 3, L. Scerri 2, B. Garth 2, J. Manunzio, J. Shine, T. Riley, S. Piantella, J. Hedley
Best Players: J. Hedley, J. Manunzio, T. Delzoppo, B. Garth, D. Colaco, N. Burgin.
A raft of changes for the ressies with a number of players returning in both the senior and reserves sides, giving us – on paper at least – a side with pretty handy depth.

Big Dazzling Colaco and Nick Larkin were back from a week’s holiday, and we welcomed back Kane Daly, Mick Sullivan and Stef Piantella – all from hamstring strains. Nick Burgin was back from a hip injury, while Jed Carey and Dave Wall were back from senior duties.

Kicking to the Buckley Street end with the aid of the breeze, the Bernard’s boys dominated the early stages in general play, but didn’t get true reward for their dominance on the scoreboard until late in the term, with a couple of late goals to Colaco and George Garth. Starting forward, Garthy was in everything. Sniffing a goal from deep in the pocket, he swooped like a seagull on a half-eaten potato cake to give Bernard’s a 26-point lead.

The impressive run, carry and link-up play had been a feature which carried into the second term into the breeze. Midfielders Hedley, Burgin and Delzoppo were in the thick of the action, while big Ferg McNicol was not only dominating the ruck duel, but also displaying some quality ball use around the ground. A three goal to one second quarter saw Bernard’s go to half time with a six-goal lead. In an overall very positive first half, it was unfortunate to see Mick Sullivan limp from the ground after re-injuring his hammy. Work hard to get back, Mick – we need you!

The game really opened up in the second half. Bernard’s emphasis on a ‘Run and Gun’ game style was working well, however some defensive lapses allowed Carey three goals on the bounce to get back within striking distance. The door was firmly slammed shut by the tail-end of the third quarter when Bernard’s slammed on five unanswered goals to put the contest beyond doubt. Bernard’s were well on top all over the ground with Wall, James Riley, Plugger, Gamwell, Carey and Larkin had all playing their roles well, with Jesse Manunzio getting back into some good touch, and Kane Daly managing to get on the end of a few.

A ten goal win in the end saw the boys get the monkey off their backs, and a much-needed confidence boost. Some brilliant passages of play throughout the day shows that we have plenty to work with, though at times we are too easy to score against. Overall a very pleasing performance with contributors all over the ground.

Lets make sure we bring this same effort, focus and execution to a big game next week vs reserves ladder leaders Uni Blues,
Only our best will do Boys !!

 Thirds Match Report -

thanks to coach Paul Rahill.
St Bernard’s Thirds 2016 Round 5 vs Old Scotch
Final Score: St Bernard’s 19.11.125 defeated Old Scotch 5.7.37 
Goals: J. Firth 5, I. Madden 3, J. Rose 3, J. Holland 2, M. Farrant, J. Dwyer, W. Kingston, T. Horton. 
Best: J. Rose, L. Jowett, X. Cox, M. Farrant, I. Madden, M. Tonge. 
The St. Bernard’s Thirds welcomed Old Scotch down to our fortress, Oval No. 2 at the snake pit, in what shaped as a danger game for our boys, especially if they weren’t switched on and ready to put in a four quarter effort. With 13 changes to the team, due to injuries and rotations, the challenge was to continue to build on the gains that the team had made against Old Xav’s Black the previous round. Amongst the 13 ‘ins’ were three players playing their first game for the season in Josh Dwyer, Tom Horton and Tom Isaacs. This is a nod to the playing depth of the club and to the determination of all players to stick together and work towards a common goal of playing strong team orientated football.
The coaching staff asked for the team to implement the structures and to meet the mental challenge of staying in the game and to do so over the 4 quarters. The players were greeted with a stiff northerly breeze blowing to the clubrooms pocket. After winning the toss and kicking with the advantage, the Thirds started scratchily and Old Scotch were showing them up with some strong running and clean ball movement into the wind to open their account. Eventually the Thirds got on top through some excellent clearance work from the centre bounce. Lachy Jowett and Sean O’Keefe were on top in the ruck and Xavier Cox and Josh ‘on time’ Turville were making the most of it. Captain Chicka Ryan’s Thursday night stoppage masterclass at training was reaping the rewards.
Unfortunately a lot of this hard work was undone by the delivery into the forward line. There were long stretches of the quarter were the ball was stuck in the dead forward pocket and both sides were guilty of some good old fashioned boot bashing. Luckily the forwards were able to conjure something out of the quarter and go in 3 goals up at the first break.
Knowing that goals into the wind are worth double those that are kicked with the wind, the coaching staff set the team a goal of kicking two goals into the breeze whilst trying to restrict Old Scotch as much as possible by playing to the conditions. The intensity at the contest by the Bernard’s boys lifted a notch and Old Scotch had no answers. The team defence was the highlight, the backs played the conditions and the percentages, using the defensive side of the ground to exit the danger zone. The midfielders pushed hard back to deny the opposition a clean and easy possession into the forward line and then worked hard with the forwards to transition the ball to the forward line and score the 2 goals the team was aiming for. The ball was locked in the Bernard’s forward line for long periods putting even more pressure on the opposition, who in the end didn’t manage to score a goal with the use of the breeze. It was exactly what the coaches and supporters had wanted to see, strong, committed team football.
Heading into the rooms, the players were reminded not to relax and think the game was over and that the wind would do it for them. The need to maintain focus on the task and put in a four quarter effort was reinforced. Along with the need to be strong in the contest, attack using the school side, run and carry to break through the defence and maintain composure when in possession. And boy did the thirds do this and then some. An 8 goal to 1 quarter put the contest to bed. The thirds were in a ruthless mood and smelt blood. 
The ball movement across the ground was precise and efficient, players were hard and aggressive at the contest, the team defended well and then counter attacked down the school side, Matt Tonge was leading the way, his run and carry through the middle was the catalyst for the creation of numerous opportunities for the forwards. They sure did make the most of it. Jack Firth got going and clunked a couple, Michael Farrant was at his effervescent best and Jono Rose provided one of the highlights of the day, blind turning out of a pack and slotting one from 40m out, on the run.
By ¾ time the wind had dropped. The focus was to keep pushing, keep sticking to the structures and playing the team orientated football, which had got the boys to this point and to keep scoring goals into the breeze. Don’t drop off. And to the thirds credit they did this, outscoring Old scotch, 5 goals to 3. Isaac Madden snuck forward in the last and managed to snag a few goals as a result of the team’s continued hard work. All in all it was a very pleasing and solid 4 quarter performance by the Third’s, with many positives coming from it. 
To finish up, not many teams can or want to make 13 changes in any week of the season and it can be considered catastrophic. But to all the player’s credit, they have demonstrated that they have an understanding of the game plan and the structures being utilised and then playing the role that is asked of them, when they come in to the team. This has been the reason behind the wins so far.
We will continue to educate, develop and improve all the players, in all facets of the game as the season progresses. This bodes well for the rest of the season and knowing that if one player goes out, the next player can come in and fulfil his role with ease.

Next stop = Uni Blues, 9.20am at Crawford Oval, Princess Park.

Lets keep the ball rolling bright and early vs the students !!