Player Welfare Group

14 June 2013

The Club is keenly aware that young men playing at the club face many pressures in their busy lives.

Family, study, work, relationships and football commitments, can individually and combined be very demanding to balance and manage successfully.

The Football Club wants to provide as much support as possible, so we have formally launched the “Player Welfare Group”. It is a group of four leading club people, each with different but complimentary skills, on whom players can call when personal assistance is required.

This group can be approached at any time for help on physical, club, relationship or mental health issues, and discussions can remain confidential if you should so wish.

Should the Player Welfare Group itself not have the specific skills required for an individual case, referrals to medical or other experts can be organized.

So if you feel troubled at any time by any issues, and feel a chat and some advice or assistance could help, please do not hesitate to approach the Player Welfare Group.


Contact Details:

Pieter Van Meel  0409 955 529

Bernard Comerford  0407 821 263

John Hughes  0403 056 584

Luke Baird  0432 150 746



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