Platinum Sponsor and Community Partner

15 January 2015

The club is delighted to kick off 2015 with the welcome news that "Strathmore Community Branch - Bendigo Bank" is extending its long term sponsorship agreement as "Platinum Sponsor & Community Partner".

Strathmore Community Branch at 337 Napier Street Strathmore, has been sponsoring the club in a major way since its branch opening ten years ago. As a "community branch" of Bendigo Bank, in addition to providing first class personal and business banking services, the branch provides grants and assistance to communtity based organisations including sporting clubs, schools and emergency services. 

Manager Philip Stewart and his expert team on 9374 2607 can help you with all your banking needs, so we urge club people to support those that support our club, and as per the club website, an incentive scheme is in place where additional benefits can acrue to the club. 

The banks logo is proudly worn on all our football jumpers,polo shirts and cricket shirts, and we would like to pass on our thanks to "Strathmore Community Branch  - Bendigo Bank" for extending their positive long term relationship with StBernards.

We look forward to a very positive year for teams at both StBernards and at Strathmore Community Branch in 2015.

The Committee