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24 May 2014

From our gold sponsor expert physio David Micalief and team: very timely for those past legends dusting of the boots for the upcoming Legends Game on july 12th.

Footballers Hamstring ! For all your Phyio needs, "Physio Health will get you Back on Track" 
  One of the most notorious injuries that sidelines footballers is the "footballers hamstring". This title refers more to a group of injuries rather than one specific injury. Nonetheless at any club by midway through the season the "hammy" will be an issue at the selection table.

The hamstring muscle comes off the bottom of the pelvis and extends down the back of the thigh and crosses the knee joint. It's job is to bend the knee and help the gluts to extend the hip. It is especially vulnerable to injury when trying to lengthen and contract at the same time eg sprinting or when stretching rapidly at both joints eg kicking.
Injuries often happen early in a game due to insufficient warmup or tightness or late in a game due to weakness and fatigue. A good warm up routine is essential.
The muscle can tear high up near the origin eg Nick Riewoldt or half way down the thigh in the belly of the muscle. However often there is no tear but more of a chronic tightness which gets better with warmup but tightens under load or fatigue and cools down after a game very tight and sore. This is a so called footballers hammy.
The factors involved need to be assessed by a quality sports physiotherapist to be managed properly. These factors commonly include stiffness of the lower back, tightness of the sciatic nerve , tightness and weakness of the gluts and tight adhesions and weakness in the hamstring itself. Deep massage , back mobilisation and dry needling from your Physiohealth Physio will help.
These exercises will help by way of prevention.
1. Sit and reach. Increase flexibility of the sciatic nerve
2. Single leg bridges. Strengthen gluts and hamstrings
- From the team at Physiohealth.

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