Photo Gallery Round 5 featuring Iggy

21 May 2014

Was definately a fun day for all on and off the field at the Snakepit, as we celebrated 20yr Anniversary of the Under 10s and held our 100 strong "Junior Sponsors Lunch".

Round 5 - Photo Gallery 
(1) U/10's excited about half time "Mick Iannazzo Game"
(2) Mascot Iggy & Past Player Jacqui Wade lead kids onto ground 
(3) "Neverland Best Player Awards" to Bernards Glen Chivers & Bedes shane Doherty
(4) "Golden Dooks Volunteer Award" to 10yr Head Trainer Ian Wheeler (wearing old parade socks!) and life member and founder of first under 10's Mick Iannazzo 
(5) Raffle Winners : Frasers Meats Tray George Garth and Montara Shiraz to Jessie Mannunzio 
(5) post game two former AFL high flyers Simon Madden and Shaun Smith and finally 
(6) post game Shaun no match for George "hang time" Garth !

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Patrick Crabb