Oval Renovations

05 October 2016

A short update on our biggest and most valuable logistical sporting asset, the Ovals.

Managing and maintaining the St Bernards Ovals is a very large and important task, requiring significant expertise and investment of time and resources. The Ovals are used extensively and heavily throughout the whole year. Firstly the school has 1,400 students using the ovals casually and for a wide range of organized sport. In addition the Athletics Club, Cricket Club and Football Club manage 1,000 sporting participants and oval users. The Ovals are literally buzzing with activity almost all year round.

Managing all the users and keeping the Ovals in good condition and available for use, is vital for all particpant groups. All the sporting clubs are very greatful to Facilities Manager Glenn Walsh, Grounds Manager Brett Huxtable, Senior Groundsman Lachlan Robertson and their team, for the expert roles they play in making all this happen.

The attached short video shows the coring, scarifying and top dressing that's been done in recent days. A significant logistical exercise in terms of machinery and management ahead of a cricket season that starts in just two weeks time, and of course ovals maintenance and improvement continues on a daily basis.

The sporting clubs work closely and very co-operatively with the College to manage useage, and when required due to weather or other circumstances, undertake modified training and game schedules.

The clubs would like to reiterate our thanks to the Ovals team at the College, and also thank all club users for their work and co-operation in helping to manage this key logistical asset.

Finally we hope the weather gods smile favorably on the Ovals team, as their important work and management continues.

Thanks and Regards

Patrick Crabb