Merro and Josh fly for VAFA

02 April 2012

Congrats to Andrew Merrington and Josh Madden on their selection in the the 2012 VAFA Rep side.

Both boys did well in the high standard game. St Bernards were also represented off field with Ian Wheeler as Head Trainer The VAFA retained bragging rights in a close fought victory over a strong EFL line up. In their only previous encounter the Ammos snatched a last kick win in 2010.

Match Details:

VAFA 11.16 (82) defeated EFL 10.10 (70)


EFL Goals: Hoegel 3, Alwan 2, McConnon 2, Parker, Taleviski, Allan
VAFA Goals: Sautner 3, Colbert, Rimington, Merrington, Rowe, Bull, Handley, Howat, Firman


EFL: Alwan, Mullett, Anderson, Hoegel, Millhouse, Kempermann VAFA: Rowe, McQueen-Miscamble, Bull, Dowd, Wintle, Sautner

Paul Garth