Luke Holland to Debut

01 September 2017

Under 19 Luke Holland to make senior Debut plus Pitdogs and TAC action

Congrats to luke holland on being picked for senior debut this saturday vs Peninsula at Pirate Park .

Also a BIG clash in tac cup with lachy "silk" sholl on a wing for cannons + xav "dusty" ohalloran on a wing for jets !!! best get the afterburners on "silk" and keep clear of those bone crunching "dusty" tackles ! ben "iron curtain" huggard (nothing gets past the iron curtain) and myles "super" gollant (faster than a speeding bullet) also in the game. good luck all lads.

guys great chance for a nice drive to the beach to see luke holland on sat, eg if u on L plates u will get an hour each way !!

then sunday unders swamp de la salle for the pitdogs clash with xavs,- knock knock xavs , whose there ? the MIGHTY PITDOGS !!....yes its ALL happening this weekend - Bernards is FOOTBALL !!! #woofwoof

directions SAT for pirate park. Peninsula Venue Details for Saturday. Round 18
Peninsula Grammar, 20 Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza.
About 80kms from Essendon.

The Committee