Legends rock the Snakepit

11 July 2013

Bendigo Bank - Strathmore Legends Day, continues to build a great reputation, as not only a super fundraiser but as one of the cultural highlights of the year.

The fun and games started early with rock climbing,giant slide,face painiting and lollies galore for the youngsters. The growing crowd was then treated to the best legends game seen yet . Football Manager David McAllister and assistant Chris Doolan wrangled a star studded lineup of past playing legends, to thrill the crowd with dazzling skills. While the tales of past glories have grown along with many waistlines, the silky skills were still evident as a ding dong battle emerged. A feature of the game were 8 "sons of legends" playing for the first time. Not only did the little champs take dozens of one grab marks and deliver pinpoint kicks, they added much needed "legs" to both sides. 
The decisions to limit quarters to 15 minutes and have no tackling proved wise move's, as the "legends" now do their best work in very short bursts.

Medical staff and the de-fib machine were on standby and as usual were kept busy. Junior President Vido was an early star prompting one wise sage too observe " i think he playing better now than in his prime !. But alas as Vido burst Chris Judd like from a clearance, TWANG went his hammy and he went down like a rhino hit by an elephant gun. After a 5 minute break, as 6 people assisted Vido from the field and the crater caused by his impact was repaired, it was game on again.

Coaches Ianazzo & Sholl did there best at the breaks to inspire their charges, Sholly had the quaddy numbers and Snazza said "play the corridor, you cant run any wider than that". 
A nail biting finish have everyone holding their breath but at the end of the day, yes folks football and friendship were the winner ! . The post game "ice bath" proved very effective as cub products eased the aches and pains. Vido's hammy was assessed as a grade two tear, with the physio calling for a 51 week break before his next game. 
Awards were given to, as Gary Ayres would say the "the woods,the denahys,the frederico's,the capes, the saundrys, the o'deas, the stewarts and the cattogio's" .

However the fun had only just begun, for it was upstairs to see Brian Mannix, Ally Fowler and Dale Ryder take us back to the "Absolutely 80's". These three stars truly rocked the house and filled the dance floor to the point tables and chairs had to be removed. 

As their partners had on field, the ladies of st bernards showed some very silky moves,spins and enthusiasm. Brian Mannix featured his Billy Idol tribute and he and the crowd were screaming "white wedding" and "midnight hour" at full blast. As it does when you are having a ball, before we knew it they were belting out an encore and the day/nite of the year at the snakepit had come to an end.  

Was certainly a super day/event and special thanks is due to key organizers Angela & Vinnie McGuire, and the large team of catering/bar staff and volunteers without whose help such a great event could not be staged. The club is also very grateful to naming rights sponsor Bendigo Bank-Strathmore and all the auction and raffle sponsors. Including: Oscars of Essendon, Racing Victoria, Rollston Limos, Bob Jane T-Mart, Tramboat, Brass Tavern, Concept Partners, Rapido Cycles, Hughes Odea Coredig, Beauty on Rose, O'Brien Catering and many others. As well as Nelson Alexander for their sponsorship and Milo Rasinac and Jon McKenna's expert auctioneering skills. 
Some 160+ people attended the day and many were left asking "when can we do this again?!" 

The Legends certainly did rock the Snakepit !  

Patrick Crabb