2016 Leadership Group

30 March 2016

Tom Caven leads strengthened group.

On Tuesday nite, senior coach Mark Riley announced the 2016 leadership group

While it contains many familar outstanding leaders, its has evolved and been further strengthened. With the elevation of Tom Sullivan as co-vice captain along with the well deserved inclusion of Nathan Kazuro and Shaun Clarke.

We congratulate captain Tom Caven and all the clubs playing leaders for their outstanding contribution, and look forwarrd to them again leading the charge in another exciting season at the snakepit !

2016 Leadership Group.

Capt - Tom Caven
VCs - Adam Bentick, Tom Sullivan
Rest - Michael Angel, Nick Cooke, Alex Singleton, Nathan Kazuro, Shaun Clarke.

Congrats again on behalf of the whole club....now lets go getem !! ‪#‎leadersofthepack‬ ‪#‎woofwoof

The Committee