John Fawkner Private Hospital & Bernards

12 February 2014

Special thanks to John Fawkner Private Hospital , part of the Healthscope Group, who are again our Platinum Health Partner in 2014.

Community based sponsors like John Fawkner are vital to the operation of our football club. John Fawkner has had an unofficial link with the St Bernards community for literally decades. Many Bernards people were born at John Fawkner or have sought out their expert range of health services over the years to care for their families. In recent years John Fawkner have been keen to be a very proactive member of the community, and support some local organisations whose focus is also on health, wellbeing and physical activity. In partnership with the football club "John Fawkner Health Forums" have been conducted at home games and importantly any player injured in a game, can get their Emergency Dept fee reimbursed through this partnership.

In the last two years John Fawkner Emergency Department has assisted a number (luckily a modest number) of injured players, in some cases as a one off visit or where further expert care is required. In addition many Bernards people have had regular procedures or more complicated surgeries completed at John Fawkner. All have reported back very positively about the standard of care and professionalism shown by the John Fawkner eam.

The club hopes that the Bernards community stays healthy,wealthy and wise, but if the need arises fof John Fawkner's care, then we encourage you to use their nearby first class hospital and associated health services.

John Fawkner Private Hospital & St Bernards = Partners in Health and the Community. 



275 Moreland Rd, Coburg VIC 3058 
P: (03) 9385 2500 
F: (03) 9385 2170

Patrick Crabb