Cold as Ice

11 December 2015

Diamond Dogs continue their great work.

Hard and smart = the only way to work: the club asks a lot of the playing group, we have a long preseason of hard and smart work, and the club thanks and admires the way the boys attack the challenges and we continue to urge all players to hit the track hard&smart in preseason.

Off field behind the scenes and often out of sight, we also do our best to work hard and smart . So far this campaign, we have a new elite senior coach in mark riley, high performance conditioning coac...h doug brown continues his great work, we have a boxing champ in glen walsh doing academy & seniors.

Today Vinnie McGuire chaired Diamond Dogs coterie have purchased new recovery ice baths (which will have dd's logo on them) as we leave no stone unturned to provide the players with the best environment we can.

Special thanks to Vinnie and his group who year in and year out invest many $ and ideas back into the club and the off field work continues, stay tuned for a new announcement next week re a specialist coach who is signing on in 2016 preseason plus the new two level coaches boxes and interchange benches being built by damien sullivan

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Patrick Crabb