Helping you kick your financial goals

19 March 2014

One of the long term sponsorships the club is delighted to acknowledge is the ongoing Gold Sponsor support from Hughes O'Dea Corredig.

In 2014 John,Peter and their team are again providing important financial and professional support to the football club. As usual our preseason singlets proudly bear their logo and Hughes Legal also continues to play an valuable supporting role.
Sometimes club stalwarts can drop off the radar, well thats certainly not the case with Hughes, O'Dea Corredig. After literally decades of volunteer work and involvement at the club by John Hughes, Peter O'Dea and a number of their past and current staff, their contribution has and is special indeed. In addition they have employed a number of players over the years including Andrew Merrington, Shaun Clarke, David Blunt and Dean Bergin. Also current HOC receptionist Laura Richards worked at the club as a trainers for the thirds. So our two organisations are linked together on multiple levels.  
Of course they have been providing expert accounting,financial planning and legal advise for hundreds of Bernards people over the years, and with many new people coming through the club and the school we would encourage you too consider engaging their services.
A message from John Hughes " Since establishing, what is now, Hughes O’Dea Corredig Pty Ltd in Essendon in 1978, we have successfully grown to a team of over 25 dedicated people to assist you to achieve your goals. We provide our clients with a mutually rewarding partnership and include services for individuals, small and medium businesses and self managed super funds (SMSF). We are your friendly one stop shop catering to all of your financial needs".
So once again thanks to Hughes O'Dea Corredig for their valuable long term sponsorship, and we urge club people to let them help you, kick on to your financial goals.

Hughes O'Dea Corredig
54 Napier St, Essendon VIC 3040
P: (03) 9375 4286 
F: (03) 9370 5290

Patrick Crabb