Hard yards

18 February 2015

Every year the VAFA competition improves and the technical advances seen at AFL level, filter down into lower levels.

The Bernards coaching group and players are likewise challenged to improve the preseaon program. Part of this is through more specialised training modules and of course the ongoing challenge to elevate fitness and endurance levels.
This year the club teamed up with sponsor Fitafex with a training camp just outside Heathcote at a Fitafex boot camp style facility.
Assistant coach Matt O'Connor (thx matty) has put together an excellent short youtube video, to give a glimpse into the most challenging camp the players have ever completed.
The venue featured a "heartbreak hill" an obstacle course "the gauntlet" and the dreaded "pit of pain".
Players separated into to two competing teams lead by young guns Zach O'Halloran and Chris Hughes who selected their own teams, covering a mix of older and younger players. The "old blokes" including skipper Tom Caven and Ben "i'm not old" Considine, all worked hard under their young leaders.
After slogging it out for nearly two hours on the pit of pain and the gauntlet, the teams then came together for the heart break hill challenge. In humid conditions hauling truck tires and literally hundreds of bricks up the hill pushed the boys literally to their mental and physical limit.
Football coaches Rock,Barham,Atkins and O'Connor also attended to oversee, encourage and hold discussions with the players in recovery times.
A very long and competitive year lies ahead of the club, but the players are doing the hard yards in a very challenging preseason program to build a base from which to move forward. 
Special thanks to all the players and coaches for their dedication and focus, and to our freindly sponsors Fitafex , for their expert input to both our Academy and senior preseason programs.

The Committee