Future Force Onboard Again

02 March 2018

Tim Tickner and Future Force Gold Sponsor and Under 19 Partner

The Club is delighted to announce that Future Force is onboard again as "Gold Sponsor and Under 19's Partner" for 2018.

Old Collegian and past player Tim Tickner and his team "operate a fully Australian-owned training organization, with a primary focus on the International Freight and Logistics Industry. We attract and train people to enjoy successful careers in our industry and help businesses benefit from quality trainees who can give them an edge in a highly competitive global market.
We’re dedicated to becoming an invaluable asset to both our trainees and the companies they join".

Future Force in particular provides sponsorship to our emerging young players in the Under 19's, as well as financial support to cover thursday night meals, Future Force have also assisted a large number of young people find a career starts in the logistics industry.

Special Thanks to Tim & Future Force for their generous long term support.

The Committee.