Football with a difference

18 November 2014

The VAFA can only function if it has enough umpries to do so. Wether you are an under 19 that has decided not to continue playing, or a player at the end of a long career that would like to stay active.

We urge you to consider "football with a difference" being paid tax free to umpire in the VAFA. 

The current situation with regards to umpire numbers in the VAFA is critically placed. A large number of our senior field umpires are aged over 40.  There exists the potential for our field umpiring stocks to be decreased over the coming years. The umpiring department recruits from a number of areas however we find that those that have played the game become very good umpires due to understanding the landscape of football.



The VAFA pays the greatest amount (Tax Free) to its umpires than any other suburban competition. The VAFA has the best environment to umpire in than any other competition. We have put more umpires onto the VFL list than any other competition and our facilities are second to none for umpires, plus our coaches are first rate so becoming an Umpire with the VAFA is an obvious choice. 


Clubs support in recruiting umpires is paramount to having enough field umpires to cover all matches for the long term future of our competition.
If you have any interest or questions and would like to have a chat please call 0438 549 691 and the club can answer your questions and refer you to the right people at the VAFA to talk too.

Patrick Crabb