Diamond Dogs Coterie Group

09 December 2014

The clubs coterie group the "Diamond Dogs" is entering its fourth year/season. This Vinnie McGuire chaired group of 40 local businessmen, provide valuable support to the club.

This assistance comes in four key ways, all of which make the club stronger as its grows and competes at the highest level of the VAFA.
(1) Provision of funds through their Diamond Dog Membership subs
(2) As a key part of the clubs jobs network, sourcing career opportunities for our young playing group
(3) As consultants and ideas generators on key club issues and/or projects
(4) Many Diamond Dogs are company sponsors of the club, and also volunteer in various roles at the club.
Last week the Diamond Dogs held their christmas function, which is one of three annual events they gather for. As usual some coaches, football dept members and players attended, to update coterie members of whats happening at the club.
We also took this opportunity to display the 2014 U/19 Premier Division flag as pictured : from left to right: u/19 ruckman Zach O'Halloran, football department  members. John Dixon, Shane Denahy and Peter Holland, with runner Ben Hogan and premiership coach Rocky Iannello.
The club would like to thank all those involved in the Diamond Dogs for their generous ongoing support, and if you or someone you know is interested in becoming part of this local business networking group, please contact the DD's Chairman Vinnie McGuire on 0413 583 901.

The Committee