Dane Evans Conquers Great Wall Marathon

21 May 2014

In a herculean effort, former Bernards half back Dane Evans was the first Australian over the line at last weekends Great Wall of China marathon.

Like all the Evans boys (especially ‘Buckets’) Dane was brave and a great mark, could run all day .. but .. “couldn’t kick over a jam tin”
After an impressive Junior career Dane made his senior debut at Toorak Park against Xavs in 2005 (we won) but in recent years he has been working overseas where he continued to have a kick and became the star recruit for Macau Lightning (see pic where he still wore his Bernards socks)
Dane has taken up a new post in Bejing and after such a huge effort at the Great Wall will no doubt be enjoying a beer or three as he keeps a close eye on St Bernards results .. well done Evo!

Paul Garth