Club Team Structure - Season 2014

03 April 2014

The Senior Club decided some months ago, like a large number of other VAFA clubs, that we would not have a Club 18 team in 2014.

However if player numbers warranted we would have a fourths that would be fully intergrated with the thirds. This was communicated widely through the club network and players were urged a number of times to get to training so the club could accurately structure its teams.

Based on many years of experience, the club believes we need 30 players to support a team over the course of an entire season. This ensures we have adequate player numbers to cover for the inevitability of injuries and player unavailability. As an example, at times in the last two years we had over 40 players unavailable across 4 senior teams for multiple weeks at a time.

To date we have had 85 to 90 players train on a regular basis throughout the pre-season campaign, which is a perfect number of players for 3 teams. This number of players is not nearly enough to consider fielding 4 senior teams.

As a result of these player numbers, this week the senior committee decided three teams was the most sensible team structure for the club for season 2014.

In the first 2 or 3 rounds this may mean we will have some excess players who will need to be rotated thru the thirds. As a result of likely injuries and unavailability we expect in the first month of games (eg we had 20 unavailable for last weeks round of senior practice matches across 3 teams), we believe all of these players will be "required", leaving player numbers correctly balanced.
In the end we believe we will have three very competitive senior teams, with thirds players regularly training and being strong support for the reserves, which of course is important for the firsts and the whole club to achieve its best.

The Committee