Bernards Buzz - March 21 - do it NOW !!

21 March 2018

Club Update Opportunities galore so do it NOW !!

Bernards Buzz - Club Update

(1) Special Thanks 20yr+ Gold Sponsor Montara Wines & Stapleton Family. Get the v best liquid gold at . Also thx to sponsors renewing including Gold Sponsor First Light Racing + Airport Toyota, Glenroy Bakery & Bells Pure Ice, plse support those that give back !
(2)Special thx also Vinnie McGuire chaired Coterie, the "Diamond Dogs" securing careers for over 35 players in 6 years + providing key financial support/business acumen/ideas/guidance. Plse consider joining this 50+ strong business networking group NOW
(3) final praccies NOW on sat vs uni blues- essendon afl tulla from 1pm
(4) book NOW for thrs nite april 5th "season launch" dinner
(5) book NOW for BIG round 1 lunch/game sat april 7th
(6) "Bernards Club" membership open NOW, includes past players/friends lunch + co-sponsor a great young player only $250
(7) last spots open NOW in history making girls u/12 & u/15 teams
(8) final word as new season dawns- is on "focus" from winston churchill - "you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks" -

Bernardsfc coach says #focus #bemorebernards when bomber riley ? #NOW !!!

The Committee