Bernards upset Cardinals

22 April 2013

Round two saw a day of upsets with last years B Grade Grand Finalists Beaumaris and Uni Blacks defeating last years A Grade Grand Finalists Collegians and Old Xavs.

St Bedes upset Old Carey and in the big one St Bernards defeated Old Scotch with De La Salle the only favourite to salute over Uni Blues.

Kicking against the strong breeze in the opening quarter, St Bernards more than matched Scotch and but for some wayward kicking should have taken an early lead. At eight shots apiece it was Scotch by 5 points before St Bernards took their chances with the wind. With Simon Caven, Nic Cook, Tom Gleeson and Adam Bentick doing well St Bernards slammed on 7.5 in the second quarter, however Scotch managed 4.0 to keep St Bernards lead to just 18 points heading into the main break.

In the all important third quarter Scotch led by on ballers, Neaves, Jamieson, van den Broeck and Ferraro started to win their share of footy and with veteran Passador capping off their good work Scotch managed 5.6, however, St Bernards stood firm and with 3.2 against the breeze the stage was set for an upset as St Bernards entered the final quarter with a 2 point lead and the strong breeze at their backs.

There was no repeat of the round one fade out as St Bernards maintained their earlier intensity and despite Scotch managing a couple of early goals to stay in touch St Bernards were in control and with young Jack Solomon and Simon Caven finishing off the good work further afield St Bernards booted 4.7 to run out 20 point winners.

Final Score: St Bernards 16.20 (116) defeated Old Scotch 14.12 (96)

Best: N. Cooke, A. Bentick, S. Caven, T. Gleeson, J. Solomon, D. Wall

Goals: S. Caven 4, Solomon 4, Moylan 2, Harvey 2, Gleeson, Cooke, Singleton , Kazuro


Reserves: Ressies See Red!


A dominant midfield gave St Bernards plenty of opportunities in the first quarter but poor decision making and disposal errors proved costly resulting in 2.6 and two out on the full. While Scotch were kept scoreless it wasn’t enough return and with the breeze at their backs in the second quarter Scotch quickly took the lead, however, St Bernards steadied and fought back to keep the margin to only four points at the main break.

The third quarter was a repeat of the first with St Bernards continually attacking to the wrong side and allowing Scotch to bottle up play before launching attacks from the grandstand wing. With 3.2 into the breeze Scotch held St Bernards to 1.1 to set up a 19 point lead which was stretched to thirty points in the final quarter.

Steve Mitchell, Jesse Manunzio and George Garth were our main contributors with young Brad Cooper presenting well while Steve Cannatelli and Ben Peart tried hard in an otherwise disappointing performance for the boys who now look to open their account next Saturday against Beaumaris.

The game was marred by a nasty injury to Andrew Graham who dislocated his elbow in the third quarter. Andrew was taken to hospital in severe pain but dad Ken reports he is home and will be ok. Many thanks to Old Scotch Pres David McCleeryand Dr Sherwen for their terrific assistance and we wish Andrew a speedy recovery.

Final Score: Old Scotch 10.8 (68) defeated St Bernards 5.8 (38)

Best: S. Mitchell, J. Manunzio, B. Garth, B. Cooper, , S. Cannatelli, B. Peart

Goals: J. Van Meel 1, B. Cooper 1, L. Scerri, B. Peart 1, D.Riley 1, L. Sullivan



Thirds: Threes Stiff!


Mono and Kevs thirds took on last year’s Benchmark of this competition, Old Scotch, at Camberwell.  A 9:20 am start saw the boys kick the dew off the grass. Pre game focus was to turn up the heat at the contest and put the opposition on the back foot. A fierce opening saw St Bernards attack into the breeze but could not convert, the opposition steadied and finished stronger.

In the second term Old Scotch put the foot down early to skip away to a five goal lead, before opportunistic goals to Monaghan and Ryan breathed some life into the game. The half time message was to believe in ourselves as a team, increase the intensity, effort and adopt a never say die attitude.

A real arm wrestle developed in the third term with both defences fighting hard, two goals into the wind had the boys full of confidence at orange time. Mono and Kev urged the Boys for one last effort to try and overrun the opposition. Heroic efforts from Rahill, Farrell, Isaacs, Godfrey and Kingston saw the team lift and reel in the tiring oppositions lead to draw level but could not get their noses in front failing by three points.

Even though the four points went begging, it was a heartening performance to keep the more fancied opposition goalless in the final term. The fight the boys showed was terrific and this is something we want to be a trade mark of this side

Kevin Jones

Final score:  St Bernards 8-6-54 were defeated by Old Scotch 8-9-57

Best: Paul Rahill, Chris Godfrey, Wil Kingston, Justin Evans, Lachly Allison, Keiren Farrell

Goals: Rahill 2, Godfrey 2, B.Ryan 1, D. Lamana 1, j. Monaghan 1, A.Neal 1



Warriors: Hordes Go 2-0 As Prahran Fold!


There’s been a little bit of niggle between these two sides in recent years. Some will recall Prahran getting in a little hot water with the VAFA when they arranged for some strippers to fire up their side in the pre match against St Bernards a couple of years ago. After the Herald Sun ran an article, an embarrassed Prahran wanted the story to go away but in the return match at ‘the Pit’ the Prahran players arrived to find the sign on the visitors room .. ‘Prahran Room 2, Strippers Room 3’


With a full squad and the return of the Stapo’s, ‘the Hordes’ were looking forward to putting Prahran to the sword .. but it was not to be. Prahran was short of numbers and then refused to accept Miracle Mel’s kind offer of some players to get the match underway!


So the Warriors go 2-0 after a ‘Walkover’ and now head to Monash for Rd 3

All players note: Next week’s start time has been changed to 11.40 am





Best wishes to Adam Bevanda who received a heavy concussion in the 19 1s game and is recovering at JFH


In an odd twist, all three St Bernards under age sides kicked 10.9 (69) on Saturday!


St Bernards 19(1)s opened their account with a strong win at home over Beaumaris

The 19 (2)s stumbled against a strong St Marys line up while the ‘Pups’ overran a plucky Uni High /Vic Uni combine by 44 points.


Under 19 (1)      St Bernards 10.9 (69) defeated Beaumaris 6.9 (46)

Under 19(2)       St Bernards 10.9 (69) defeated by St Marys 16.16 (112)

Best: James Ford, Josh Hedley, Michael Farrant, Sami Sir, Chris Hughes, Riley Curtis

Goals: D.Mighell 4, C. Hughes 2, J.Howard 1, Josh Hedley 1, Harry Firth 1, Michael Dillon 1



Pups Overun Student Combine!

Under 18          St Bernards 10.9 (69) defeated UHS/VU 3.7 (25)



Uni High has received special permission from VAFA to play six U19’s in the U18 competition so they can field a team.  This meant our young under 18 team had a very physical contest against some mature bodies.  Most pleasing about our boys’ effort today was the fact that in a very physical encounter, we stood up very well.


Our Desire Indicators were solid over the 4 quarters, totalling 103.  Whilst shy of Rocky’s target of 140 for the game, I am mindful that this U18 team has at least 13 under 17’s who are still learning about the need to maintain intensity consistently across 4 quarters.  The highlight of the DI count was Lachlan Clarke’s 10 tackles for the game – well done Lachie.


I thought the manner in which the team played together as a unit improved over the course of the 4 quarters, particularly our sharing, our run and carry and our delivery into the forward line.  We still have work to do on effective use of the switch (both the player knowing to create space, run to position as much as the preparedness of the boys to look to execute the switch rather than simply going back down the line), but again, this was better executed in the second half.


The boys set the 18 man zone up quite well and had some success maintaining possession in our forward half – although our two way running in transition still needs work.


On field discipline needs to be a real focus for this group – not our physicality or silly aggression, but more our reaction to umpiring decisions.  When things aren’t going our way, we need to do two things (1) get up, think about where you need to be to play your role and to set up, and (2) lift your own intensity at the contest so that WE are first in for the ball – only then will free kicks start to flow our way as we win contested football by being first in for the ball.


All in all this was a solid hit out for this young team, who are a joy to coach.  The boys are keen to learn, they listen well and seem to relish the opportunities that Shane and I try to throw at them individually and as a group.  .. Craig Connelly


Final Scores: St Bernard’s 10.8 68 defeated University High/VU  3.7.25


Best:: Z.O,Halloran, C.Tormey, S.Woods, B.Hedley, L.Clarke, T.Howard, E.Connelly, W.Paszynk, W.Issacs

Goals: 3 Z.O,Halloran , 2 J.Firth , 2 D.Parkes , 1 J.Jones , 1 L.Clarke , 1 C.Tormey



Paul Garth