Bernards boys make Cannons squad

28 February 2014

Bernards Boys make Calder Cannons Squad: Congratulations to Jed Carey,Marcus Deleur & Josh Wallis on making the 55 player u/18 Cannons Squad.

While u/17 young guns Decan Gilbert & Charlie Vague made the u/17 development squad. Congrats also to all lads that tried out , those that made squads and those that did not, were very worthy reps of the Bernards Football Club and we are very proud of you all.

TAC team trials are a long hard summer commitment, but the hard yards will pay dividends in the long term. As Senior Coach Anthony commented on the Cannons news
"Well done guys the hard work begins ...for those that didn't make the cut, it's not over until it's over ..keep working on your strengths and focus on 1 or 2 areas of improvement".
Good luck to the Bernard's "Cannonballs" hope you and all Bernards boys involved in the Cannons trials have a great 2014 season.

Patrick Crabb