Bernards boy Jude Bolton retires

26 August 2013

Congratulations Jude on a magnificent career and two flags (so far) with the Swans.

Many at SBOCFC have watched with pride as your career unfolded. It has certainly been filled with highlights which John Raffle tells us, dates back to juniors days at St Bernards.

Although people at the club barrack for many different teams, no24 at the Swans was always supported and urged on by all.

John Longmire highlighted in your press conference, you were not only an on field champion of 320+ games & with the most tackles in AFL history (1,500+).

But you were also the best clubman off the field he has ever been involved with.

You certainly fit the old motto, the harder i work the luckier i get.
On behalf of the SBOCFC , well played on and off the field Jude, and good luck in this years finals series.

John Raffle