Bernards Buzz - Club Update

13 February 2017

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Bernards Buzz - Club Update:

A new year and a guaranteed chance to "win" a year of great experiences with "Bernards Bingo" !!,

Firstly thanks to all our great sponsors including Moonee Ponds Club, Nelson Alexander, John Fawkner Hospital, Strathmore Community Bendigo Bank plus Bob Jane Tmart Essendon, Dulux Paints, Wheeler Insurances and Tobin Brothers.

(1) "Bernards Bingo" starts NOW and u r all invited to play/win!! ..the first number is (21) thats the v cosy monday nite temp, so ALL players get to the snakepit, because next number =  35 days to first praccy.
Next lucky number is (19) march 19 is essendonfc tulla for praccy v fitzroy all welcome .
Then its (25) march 25 we head to moorabbin to play old rivals uni blues.
Next number (1) april one final hitout v scotch venue tba then its (8) april 8th LOCK IT IN for rd1 v mazenod.

And bernies bingo roles on to (250) for the all new "Bernards Club" membership.

For just $250 you co-sponsor a fine young player, get full membership rights, free entry to may 27th home lunch with a complimentary beverage.

Contact the club NOW if u want to join "The Bernards Club" . email or

So get the buzz and get into "bernards bingo"  and you can/will win a year of great experiences.

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The Committee