Behaviour at finals - Do the right thing

10 September 2015

We ask all people at our club to take the time to read this very loud and clear message from the VAFA. Lets insure at our club that at all times, our behaviour is A Grade on and of the field. thankyou - The Committee.

Memo from VAFA HQ : over recent weeks we have experienced disgraceful language and undisciplined behavior from
spectators during VAFA matches.
The VAFA is committed to providing a safe environment for all VAFA participants and stakeholders. 
Aggressive, threatening or other inappropriate behaviour by members, their families, their friends, and 
other sporting personnel while attending a VAFA game or event will not be tolerated.
These behaviours are outlined in our Code of Behaviour and specifically include:
-use of bad language
-harassing or ridiculing players, coaches, officials or other spectators
- making racist, religious, sexist or other inappropriate comments to players, coaches, officials or 
other spectators
- any threatening behaviour or physical altercation between spectators and players, coaches, 
officials or other spectators
- putting undue pressure on Umpires, berating them or using derogatory, insulting or unnecessary 
- drinking of alcohol at a VAFA game or being drunk at any VAFA event.
What we will do
-Provide all clubs, with VAFA Code of Behaviour and make it clear what is expected and the 
consequences of non-compliance.
- Where possible, prominently displaying conditions of entry to grounds and facilities and by 
requiring spectators to abide by VAFA rules.
- Reinforce messages of fair and respectful behaviour by providing information on our website, in 
- Reinforce to VAFA coaches and officials their responsibilities in support of the policies and 
standards required to their players to enable them to compete in a fair manner.
- Ban bringing alcohol to all VAFA matches.
- Consult with our local police and seek their support and advice on how to handle issues 
involving inappropriate behaviour by spectators prior to, at or after a game.
- Encourage the reporting of incidents and investigate inappropriate behaviours as outlined in 
VAFA rules and take disciplinary or whatever other actions as are deemed necessary (e.g. 
appoint a ground official to monitor behaviour).
-The VAFA will have security guards at VAFA finals matches and will not tolerate any poor, 
unsavory or behavior and will have no hesitation in evicting patrons from the venue.
What we ask you to do
-Help create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for players, officials and other spectators by 
showing respect for players, officials and other spectators.
-Abide by our VAFA’s Code of Behaviour and refrain from using bad language, harassing or 
ridiculing others or behaving in a threatening or violent manner.
-If you are aware of inappropriate spectator behaviour then bring it to the attention of the 
security guards and ask the ground official for their assistance.
Any spectator found to have behaved inappropriately, and who are associate members and fail to abide 
by VAFA Rules and Code of Behavior, will be evicted from the ground and may face disciplinary action.

Brian Goodman
General Manager Football & Umpire Operations