A Grade on and off the Field

21 August 2015

Already this year in AFL there have been multiple instances of ugly racial and other vilification of players and umpires by spectators, and strong and decisive action has been taken against the culprits.

There is clearly no place in sport or the wider community for behaviour of this kind.


Football clubs provide a valuable social and sporting environment for community members. With the large number of people attending games, collectively and individually, we have the ability to influence acceptable community behaviour.

As a football community we should acknowledge and consider what is acceptable and whether it’s appropriate. To allow everyone to have a positive football experience, before we abuse an umpire, an opposition player or a fellow spectator, consider the potential consequences on those individuals and ultimately our game.

Umpiring will always be contentious due to rule and interpretation changes, and everyone has an opinion, however at all times we need to and must, treat umpires with respect. 

Every club wants more umpires, members and spectator’s coming to the game, but attendance doesn’t provide a licence to abuse individuals, it’s not acceptable behaviour in the street we don’t want it at the football. 

Whether it be at Senior, Junior or Auskick level, we hope that umpires, players, spectators and parents all have a positive experience, and one that ensures they return the next week. 

So at St Bernard’s FC lets continue to play & barrack strongly and passionately, but let us all do so in fairness and in good spirit.


Let’s set the aim and ensure we are "A Grade on and off the Field".

The Committee