St Bernards 2018 Premier B Premiers

17 September 2018

St Bernards 2018 Premiers

St Bernard's has been crowned the 2018 VAFA Premier B Division premiers following a dominant 83-point victory over Old Carey at Elsternwick Park on Saturday.

The dominant snow dogs were in front for the entire day and capitalised strongly on the wintery conditions of the day. The win will place the club back into Premier Division.

The Ian Cordner Medal for best on ground was awarded to Tom Sullivan in a much-deserved performance through the midfield.

Congratulations to all players, coaches, and supporters involved. It was great to see such a large turnout from the Bernies cheersquad on the day, and it shows the great support the club has from the community.


St Bernards





Old Carey





St Bernards

Goal Kickers: C. Jones 4, T. Sullivan 3, A. Mcleod 3, J. McNamara 2, C. Vague 2, Z. O'Halloran, A. Bentick, L. Di Lizio, M. Caven
Best Players: T. Sullivan, J. McNamara, A. Bentick, S. Caven, C. Riley, M. Hughes

Old Carey

Goal Kickers: Z. Adam, S. Crocker, C. Thompson, M. Evans, B. Smithwick
Best Players: L. Macleod, A. Sloan, M. Lock, L. Forato, H. Schade, J. Ashby



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