Kid Rock and Cooka Celebrate 100 Games in Style

31 May 2015

1sts win well against Scotch. Ressies outplayed by a quality Scotch outfit. Thirds power home in an impressive win.


Seniors - Round 8

St Bernards 16.17.113  defeated Old Scotch 13.6.84

Best: M. Angel , N. Kazuro , C. Jones , A. Boyse , T. Caven , A. McLeod

Goals: C.Jones 5, A.Boyse 4, A. Bentick 2, S.Caven, N.Kazuro, N.Cooke, T.Sullivan, C.Peart,

Saturday’s game against Old Scotch saw the celebration of two of our most consistent and talented players, Simon Caven and Nick Cooke both reaching the milestone of 100 games for the senior football club.  There was an air of confidence leading in to this game and with the return from long term injury of young guns Tom Sullivan and Mitch Hannan, it looked like we were fielding our strongest side for the year. The inclusion of Jake (Sneaky) Forder bolstered our backline and freed up Simon Caven to travel forward.

As with all VAFA Premier division games, it seemed that Old Scotch hadn’t read the script and after a tough past 4 games, it was clear from the first bounce that Scotch were determined to put up a good show against the Bernies.

Old Scotch kicked with the wind in the first quarter and after kicking the first two goals of the game, they looked ready to serve it up to St.Bernard’s.  But St.Bernard’s started to work hard into the wind and players such as Al McLeod and Adam Bentick started to win the ball in the centre. In his return match, Mitch Hannan made an immediate impact, his ability to ‘break the lines’ makes him a very important player for St Bernard’s. One of the highlights of the quarter was Adam Bentick’s freakish goal, a left foot snap from the pocket. The other highlight was his celebratory dance steps in front of the crowd in the Stand.

St Bernard’s led at every quarter, but too many points instead of goals meant we could not establish a significant lead in the match. But as our backs lead by captain, Tom Caven and Michael ‘Scalp’ Angel, started to dry up Scotch’s scoring opportunities and at the other end of the ground, Chad Jones, Alex Boyse and Simon Caven marked strongly and kicked goals, Bernies started to gain the ascendancy.

At 6 and 2 we are in good position, but there are no easy games in this competition and after a well-deserved break we meet a resurgent Uni. Blacks on their home patch.

Reserves Report – Pending


Thirds Report - Round 8

Final Score:  St Bernards 15-11-101 defeated Old Scotch 8-10-58

Goals: P.Harris 3, S.O’Keeffe 2, Z.Arwan 2, J.Bromley 2, F.McNicol 2, J.Pignataro, P.Rahill, S.Thomas

Best: C.Forder, B.Shepheard, W.Kingston, F.McNicol, T.Isaacs, J.Ford

St Bernard’s thirds powered home to beat a determined Old Scotch outfit by 43 points on oval 2 at the Pit.We were on the scoreboard quickly after winning the toss and electing to kick with the breeze, 2 goals to Arwan and one each to Bromley & Harris had the boys up and about, we then failed to capitalise on the good work from further afield with inaccurate kicking in front of goal. At quarter time it was 4-6 to 0-2.

Once again our work rate dropped off in the second term as the visitors clawed their way back and we could not find the big sticks. Our defence was working hard however the Scotch boys kicked two goals in junk time, as a result of our poor tackling, and they had their tails up at the long break. Score check 4-9 to 4-7 and it was “Game On”

The players were urged to increase the pressure at the contest and play attacking footy to try and get scoreboard pressure on the visitors. Consecutive goals to Harris and Pigga got us going, the Scotch boys hit back with a couple into the wind before we steadied with two goals each to O’Keeffe and Fergus to give us a 25 point lead at the last break.  The Coaching group new it was not enough to defend as goals into the wind were hard to get. Scores at ¾ time were 10-9 to 6-8

The message for the last was to go on the attack and put the contest beyond doubt. The entire group lifted and we finally broke the shackles as Ralphy, Bromley, Thomas, Harris and O’Keeffe chipped in for goals to allow us to run away with a comfortable win. Four wins and four losses keeps us in the hunt for the four, however a season defining game against Uni-Blacks looms after the break. All thirds squad players must complete extra running with Doug Brown Tuesday nights after training.

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