Weekend Wrap Sat August 16

18 August 2014

Seniors Outgunned By Cardinals, Ressies Storm Home, Thirds Devoured By Lions, U19 Prems Easily, U19 North Enjoy Big Win Colts too Strong For Bulldogs


Seniors: Bernards Upset By Cardinals!

St Bernards have been the bogey side for Scotch in recent seasons and after Chad Jones booted two early goals it looked like the trend would continue but from that point onwards a more physical and hard running Scotch responded to outplay St Bernards for the rest of the day.

St Bernards won the toss and kicking with the breeze managed 5.3 for the quarter but some loose manning up allowed the Cardinals to run the ball quickly into their forward line where Passador, Strange and Seed took full advantage of their opportunities to boot 7.2 and take a handy eleven point lead into the first break.

The challenge for St Bernards was to hold Scotch up against the breeze but Scotch with the dangerous Hill finding plenty of the ball and Seed doing well dominated the term and rammed on 6.3 to take a match winning lead of 40 points into the main break.

St Bernards fought back in the third term but an inaccurate 5.6 along with some lapses in concentration that allowed Scotch to snag three goals into the breeze only narrowed the deficit to 23 points with Scotch having the aid of the breeze in the final term.

With an opportunity to almost seal a finals berth and the wind at their backs the Cardinals continued to run harder and out bustle St Bernards and as Passador booted his seventh for the day Scotch ran out to a convincing 42 point win. St Bernards only clear winners on the day were Chad Jones (7 goals) and Tom Gleeson (3 goals) in an otherwise disappointing performance.

Next week St Bernards host De La Salle at the pit

Match Details: St Bernards 14.15-99 def by Old Scotch 22.9-141

Best:C. Jones, T. Gleeson, S. Caven, M. Hannan, N. Kazuro, A. Bentick

Goals:C. Jones 7, T. Gleeson 3, T. Sullivan 2, N. Cooke , A. Bentick


Reserves: Ressies Battle Before Putting Scotch On The Rocks!

A desperate Old Scotch were playing for a finals spot and came out hard against top of the ladder St Bernards at Camberwell on Saturday. St Bernards did well in the first quarter against a strong breeze managing 2.2 while holding Scotch to 1.2 and set up an opportunity to take a commanding lead into half time.

As often happens, the wind alone does not deliver results without intensity and it was Scotch who ran harder and took their chances to outpoint St Bernards for the term and in doing so take a two point lead at the main break.

In a repeat of the first quarter St Bernards again held firm against the breeze booting 2.2 against the tide while holding Scotch to 2.4 to keep the deficit to 10 points at orange time

The final term finally saw the floodgates opened and St Bernards with their running game going opened up the Scotch defence slamming on 8.1 while holding Scotch to a solitary goal to run out comfortable 33 point winners.

Josh Madden showed the benefit of a couple of hit outs under his belt while Chris Peart, Nick Burgin, Luke Madden, Adrian Corsetti and James Bennie were solid contributors with Jake van Meel also doing well down back in his return from injury.

Match Details: St Bernards 14.6-90 def Old Scotch 8.9-57

Best:Burgin, Madden, Corsetti, Bennie, van Meel, O’Halloran

Goals:Peart 3, Boyse 2, Corsetti 2, Duyndham 2, Burgin 2, Bennie, Fraser, Madden


Thirds: Bernards Devoured By Lions!  

The Thirds had a bleak morning at Albert Park with Collegians proving far too strong.

Kevin Jones reports: Harry Trott oval has not been a happy hunting ground for the thirds in recent years and we were keen to turn that statistic around. However we were hit head on by a rampaging Collegians outfit that has a sniff of finals.  The Coaching group has struggled to find words to describe the insipid performance put in by the Bernards boys and unfortunately there are more questions than answers.

Perhaps the playing group turned up expecting an easy victory, something coach Kev had warned the group pre-match that this was a danger game and we would be tested, or maybe we expected things just to happen without putting in the hard work required. However we started off slowly and then we tapered off. With defeat staring us squarely in the face at half time the challenge was put to the playing group to try to salvage something from the wreck, unfortunately we only had a dozen players that could honestly say that they gave an effort for the last half and that was never going to be enough to win a game of football. Not enough players were prepared to put their head over the pill. You don’t need to be the best in the team you must do your best for the team.

Back to the drawing board for the group and time to knuckle down and get our hands dirty. There have been lots of changes to the playing list for the thirds over the last few weeks and it would be very easy to use this as an excuse, our inability to work for each other and for the team for the 100 minutes is the issue at hand. Hard work is the only solution; remember nobody has ever drowned in a pool of sweat!!!

Match Details:  St Bernards 5.5-35 def by Collegians 15.10-100

Best: W.Sullivan, K.O’Connor, D.Segrave, S.Whelan, J.Gill, S.Cannatelli, L.Jowett

Goals: J.Gill, L.Neal, T.O’Sullivan, J.Wheeler, S.Whelan



All three Unders teams had strong wins and have one more round before finals

Under 19 Premier

Match Details:  St Bernards 21.12-138 def St Bedes 5.1-31

Goals: J. Sullivan 5, M. Hughes 4, C. Vague 3, J. Carey 2, E. Sibbald 2, G. Zoccali , C. Tormey , T. Delzoppo , E. Connelly , N. Larkin Best: W. Considine , J. Hedley , T. Delzoppo , M. Hughes , C. Issa , N. Larkin

Under 19 North

Match Details:  St Bernards 19.18-132  def Yarra Valley 11.5-71

Goals: B. Ronke 5, J. Firth 3, J. Notaro 3, P. Moloney 2, J. Holland , M. Farrant , W. Baird , W. Isaacs , L. Sullivan , L. Perryman Best: J. Holland , B. Ronke , F. McNicol , W. Isaacs , M. Farrant , L. Sullivan


Match Details:  St Bernards 13.9-87 def Pt Cook 7.7-49

Goals: M. Zammit 4, M. Jaggard 2, D. Heenan 2, M. Diamandis 2, J. Turville 2, J. Jones
Best: L. Arrowsmith , J. Hannah , D. Heenan , M. Zammit , J. Comito , E. Vahland


Paul Garth