Many Cultures, One Game

18 July 2014

Jessie Manunzio and Andrew Gurrisi are 2014 Joint Cultural Ambassadors

MULTICULTURAL ROUND – "Many Cultures, One Game"

This week both the VAFA and the AFL will be celebrating multicultural round. The round serves to recognise the significant role that people from culturally diverse communities, play within Australian football and to promote football as a vehicle for the newly arrived to integrate into Australian society.
The club is proud to nominate our "Joint Cultural Ambassadors" for this round to the vafa. Two strong clubmen who make everyone feel welcome regardless of their cultural hertitage, Mr Jessie Manunzio and joining him this year is the gentle off field giant Mr Andrew Gurissi.
We heard Jessies story last year and likewise Andrew has a very proud family history. Andrews father Charlie (Carmelo) in 1959, left from a small town in Sicily called Vizzini to make the long journey to our shores having been sponsored by his sister who was already in oz. Andrews mother Zina (Ignazia) was born here after her family came from the same small town to Australia a few years before Charlie. So the Gurrisi's of Vizzini & Italy have now called Australia home for well over 50 years.
Jessie and Andrew are very positive examples of the rich cultural diversity at our club. Congratulations to our two "Cultural Ambassadors" and keep up the good work as you and the whole club, embrace people from different cultures.
Regards Patrick Crabb on behalf of the Committee

Patrick Crabb