Diamond dogs hard yakka training camp

18 February 2014

Senior Training Camp was held at Anglesea on the weekend.

special thanks to our Diamond Dogs Coterie group lead by chairman Vinnie McGuire and Treasurer Peter O'Dea , for sponsoring the camp so as players only paid half price ($50) for a first rate training. Anglesea FC again were helpful re oval useage which allowed a structured 2hr session covering setups/game plan/skills work. Hour long leadership session and light lunch was followed by beach team obstacle endurance/mental test. Fitness expert Elias "Texas" Delphinus had the boys putting it on the line with a challenging session finishing with good old fashion tug-o-war. An exhausted but satisfied group left the weekend, fitter, more focussed and a closer team. Lots still to do as anthony rocks new coaching panel work through structures and process, but well done to all players/coaches/support staff and the Diamond Dogs. Hard work is the foundation to achieving our best, so lets keep working hard boys.


Footy Clock continues to tick : 26 days to first praccy vs powerhouse Uni Blacks on March 15 & only  54 days to round one = every session counts !

Patrick Crabb