24 November 2014

The Committee of the St. Bernards OCFC would like to update our members, sponsors and supporters regarding coaching appointments across our 6 teams for season 2014/15


 As we announced last month, Anthony Rock has been re-appointed senior coach, and the club is excited to see our young list develop further under Anthony’s guiding hand.

 In season 2014/15 Marcus Barham, who was recently senior coach at Doutta Stars, joins the 1st XVIII senior coaching group as specialist midfield assistant coach.  Marcus joins Anthony Rock, Matt O’Connor, Simon Atkins and Chris Davis – all of whom are returning again in season 2014/15.  Please join me in welcoming Marcus to the football club.

 Chris Davis game day responsibility will shift form mids to forwards in 2014/15.  Chris role as game day forward coach will be assisted on game day by Chad Jones as well as our new recruit, Adam Campbell, former Fremantle and West Perth key forward , who is joining his cousins (Caven’s and Considine’s) at St. Bernards in 2014/15; a raft of experience to assist with our forward setup.

Senior Coaching Set-Up

  ·      Anthony Rock – Senior Coach

 ·      Matt O’Connor – Defensive Assistant Coach

 ·      Marcus Barham – Midfield Assistant Coach

 ·      Chris Davis – Forward Assistant Coach (game day)

 ·      Simon Atkins – Senior Development Coach & Game Day Assistant


Chris Davis and Gary McIntyre have both agreed to be re-appointed as Reserves coach and Reserves assistant coach in season 2014/15.  We are excited about both Chris and Gary working together again with a young, developing group of aspiring senior footballers.

Chris and Gary will benefit from somewhere between 13 to 18 top age U19 players progressing from the successful 2014 St. Bernard’s “unders” program, and expect many of these players to enjoy some game time during the season under Chris and Gary’s guiding hand.


After a very successful 2014 season, Kevin Jones will again act as head coach for the 3rds, assisted again by Brian Moon.  In addition, 2014 on-field leader Paul Rahill will join Brian as an assistant coach in season 2014/15.  Frank Monaghan will have a game day role again in season 2015, ensuring the 3rds team has the quality mid-week and game day coaching set up we believe this team requires.


U19 Premier

VAFA 2014 junior coach of the year, Rocky Iannello, has agreed to act as U19 Premier coach in season 2014/15, as well as Football Academy Director.  Rocky will appoint his assistant line coaches in the coming months, and we expect a game day set up similar to season 2014, with at least 2 game day assistant coaches to manage the midfield and defensive groups.

U19 North

Rohan Vahland will become U19 North coach in season 2015, progressing from the VAFA Colts in season 2014.  Rohan will be assisted by Shane Denahy as an assistant coach in 2015, and at least one other game day assistant; an appointment we expect to finalise prior to Christmas.

U18 / VAFA Colts

Trevor Doody has just been appointed as coach of the U18 / VAFA Colts team for season 2015.  Greig Wood has agreed to be a game day assistant (line) coach supporting Trevor, and I am confident we will appoint an additional game day assistant to round out the coaching team for this team.

Craig Connelly