9 Rounds in and the senior club is in good shape

15 June 2015

The seniors easily account for Blacks, the Ressies win a thriller and the 3rds go down fighting

In a huge result for the seniors and reserves sides, wins over Uni Blacks on the weekend really set both teams up for a serious tilt at top four finishes in season 2015.  The thirds went down fighting against a quality Blacks 3rds team and performed as best they could as they honoured Paul “Ralphy” Rahill in his final game of VAFA football.


St Bernards 21.16.142 defeated University Blacks 9.9.63

Best: N.Kazuro, C.Peart, A. Bentick. S.Caven, S.Clarke, N.Cooke

Goals: N. Cooke 4, J. Manunzio 2, S. Clarke 2, C. Jones 2, J. Bevanda 2, A. McLeod 2, A. Merrington , C. Peart , N. Kazuro , A. Boyse , A. Singleton , T. Sullivan , T. Cartledge 

Pardon the cliché, but it’s a funny game!  At quarter time St Bernard’s coaching staff and supporters were shaking their heads in disbelief. At the fifteen minute mark of the quarter scores were level with both teams on one point! But what followed was a blistering fifteen minutes from Uni. Blacks which saw the score at quarter time “blow out” to a 5.2.32 to 0.3.3 scoreline favouring the Blacks.

One of the player’s father said to me, ‘don’t worry, they had the scoring end’ – I’m not sure how he believed this given there was not a breath of wind to favour either end.  As I walked to the quarter time huddle I saw the coach had already corralled the players.  Predictably, he wasn’t looking pleased. He proceeded to tell them that as long as he was coach of St Bernard’s we will never have a quarter like that again. Maybe that father was right or maybe the players were terrified about having to face the coach if they served up another quarter like the first, but there was a dramatic change in the game from that point on.

St Bernard’s took total control. Importantly, we started to win at the centre bounces. Adam Bentick, Alex McLeod and Tom Sullivan got busy and our ‘inside 50’ tally started to rise. The second quarter contained plenty of hightlights for St Bernard’s. Shaun Clarke ran forward to take a “Jonathan Brown type grab” and then convert, Munna snuck in for his customary snap goal and at one point the ball was transferred from deep in the backline, ending with a Jake Bevanda goal, without a Blacks player laying a hand on the ball.

Another key factor in the change in the game was the pressure St Bernard’s put on the Blacks’ players. Their free-running style of football dried up as St Bernard’s tackle count started to rise. After a quiet first quarter, Chris Peart started to make his presence felt with strong inside play. Simon Caven was moved back and had an immediate impact; he marked well and laid some big tackles. Michael Angel took another scalp.

The late withdrawal of Mitch Hannan provided another young player, Marcus DeLeur, with the opportunity to play his first senior game. Marcus seemed a little nervous early, but as the game progressed he started to have an impact. He certainly put his hand up as yet another player who will add to the pressure the selectors are already feeling.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the game was that we had thirteen goal kickers. After going down in the second quarter with what looked like a knee injury, Nick Cooke returned to kick a lazy three in the last quarter for a tally of four for the match.

Next week we take on ladder leader Trinity at the Snakepit in what should be a great test for our boys.  Hope to see as many supporters as possible turn up to witness what should be an engrossing encounter.

Reserves Report

St Bernards 13.13.91 defeated University Blacks 13.7.85

Goal Kickers: A. Corsetti 4, B. Garth 2, Z. O''Halloran 2, G. Zoccali , S. Fleming , D. Wall , L. Scerri , S. Piantella
Best Players: , Z. O''Halloran , M. Pearce , S. Piantella , S. Fleming , J. Hedley , G. Zoccali

Report Pending

Thirds Report

St Bernards Thirds 2015 Round 9 vs Uni-Blacks

Final Score:  St Bernards 7-5-47 were defeated by Uni-Blacks 10-9-69

Goals: Z.Arwan 2, F.McNicol, J.Pignataro, M.Dillon, W.Kingston, Ugi

Best: J.Pignataro, M.Dillon, B.Shepheard, D.Ryan, C.Forder, T.Isaacs.

In what was Paul “Ralphy” Rahill’s Swan song game, the thirds failed to capitalise on a great third quarter to go down fighting to a plucky Uni-Blacks outfit at Crawford oval and eventually lose by 22 points. Slippery conditions greeted us and both sides were unable to get clean possession of the pill. We were first on the board through Zeesh but could not trouble the scorers for the rest of the term. At ¼ time it was 1-0 to 1-2.

The second term was a repeat of the first as the game was riddled with errors and neither side could adjust to the conditions. The opposition had our defence working overtime. In general play it was even but we could not find an avenue to goal until Zeesh flashed in for a steadier. At the long break it was 2-1 to 3-7.

At the half time break the coaching group agreed the effort was good and we had plenty of upside, all that was needed was an ounce of luck and we were right in it. Once again Mono had the magnets whizzing around in search of a productive forward line. As the ground dried out the tempo went up. Both sides were going at each other and the pill become red hot. The Uni boys struck twice before a flood of goals from Fergus, Dillon, Kingston and then “goal of the day” from Pigga had us up and about at orange time. 6-4 to 5-7 set the scene for a nail biting last quarter.

The first few minutes of the final term were tense as neither side could break the shackles, Cal Forder’s snap at goal hit a splinter on the goalpost to register a minor score. The Uni-Boys took it down and kicked truly before an extremely disappointing decision gave them a double goal to drastically shift the momentum and take the wind out of our sails; we continued the fight but could not bridge the gap denying a fairy tale finish for Ralphy.

Senior Scribes