Unders Teams Achieve a Phenomenal GF Hit Rate

08 September 2014

3 "unders" teams from 3 have made their respective Grand Finals this weekend. A remarkable achievement

Rocky Iannello, Serge Romano, Mick Hedley, Shane Denahy, Matt Mulkearns, Rohan Vahland, Trevor Doody, Bill Diamandis, Greg Wood, Simon Atkins......and I have probably missed one or two people.......these are the men who have worked so hard since the Football Academy commenced in November 2013 to mould 85-odd registered footballers into 3 competitive "unders" teams.  These are our "unders" coaches and our club development coach.

The philosophy of the development program overseen by the above coaches is simple:

 - U19 Premier is a competition where we seek to select our "best" 24, regardless of age, as we try to expose our players to a high quality, competitive U19 football competition that we seek to be as competitive as possible in

 - U19 Nth and U18 (VAFA Colts) is more about enjoyment, participation, friendship groups, development, fun and competing.

We do not seek to "win at all costs", we rotate many players through the 3 teams to expose boys to a playing level that challenges many of them, and many teams our U19 North and Colts teams play against are "single club" teams - that's code for their strongest team of 22 to 24 players.

So, for these three teams to ALL make the grand final this week in their respective grades is an outstanding achievement.  Whether or not none, one, two or three teams achieve the ultimate success, the fact that so many players have had to battle to reach the grand final is a testament to the St Bernard's football development program, the "in season" unders program and the cohesive manner in which the coaches, team managers and support staff then manage this large group of boys.

From all at the football club, and from the committee in particular, a big CONGRATULATIONS to all three teams.

Good luck this weekend - Go Bernard's.

The Committee